Lagoa de Óbido´s beaches

The lagoon is divided by 2 municipalities and therefore has 2 beaches. on the right side is the Foz do Arelho beach and on the left is Bom Sucesso beach.

Foz do Arelho Beach is a place that nature gifted us with has exceptional therapeutic qualities and an extensive sandy beach, site of choice for surfers, the calm and tranquil waters of the lagoon are a charm for children. In the small pier area, you can buy the full range of species Lagoon offers, cockle clams to, this beach is great terraces and restaurants where you can feast on fish dishes, fried eels, clams and the magnificent Lagoa Stew.


bom sucesso 2

Bom Sucesso Beach or Vau Beach has an unusual form it comes from the source to the sandbar where it becomes broader, skirts the cliff, continuing south about 1 Km.
The water inside the lagoon is calm, except during high tide along the bar, where you can form strong currents.


bom sucesso bom sucesso 3

Both beaches are a stage for radical sports as surf, kite surf or wind surf, for this coast has the ideal conditions.

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