Full of traditions, Obidos  and all of the west region will keep the typical dishes so specific to a region close to the sea. Here, the cuisine is one of its highest exponents in dishes made with fish and seafood.


In restaurants you can find the most typical dishes such as fish stew of Obidos Lagoon, fried eels and stew. For those who prefer meat, there´s  a great wealth of green fields and the traditional livestock is reflected in the cuisine. They are the usual lamb stew or lamb, grilled meat, asparagus with ham and roasted lamb with herbs and rice. To accompany a great meal nothing better than a magnificent drink. Thanks to its microclimate Obidos and the oeste region produces fine wines, known as Gaeiras or Quinta do Gradil and Oiro Obidos but there are many more! The Jeropiga, brandy and beer and orange liqueurs. But it deserves special mention the most typical and traditional drink of Obidos, the ginjinha. This is a region with it´s own wine route.

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To end a great meal can ask for sweet Muggle-of-egg , lampreys of Gaeiras (sweet eggs), moorish, mayors, footprints or pastel de Moura. And if you think this is not sufficient  then ask for the sweet cake, olive oil cake,  cavacas from Caldas da Rainha ,  esquecidos, sweet rice pudding  or strawberry jam with nuts. Don´t miss the Alfeizerão sponge cake or the small boats with sweet eggs and chocolate, you won´t be able to eat only one! A region where the conventual sweets prevail!

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If you prefer you can pick fruit. The pear rock ( Pera Rocha) is the most renowned fruit of the region and is produced in the county, especially in the village of Usseira. Or the well knwon Alcobaça Apple, a treat!

Also worthy of highlight are the goat cheese, sheep or mixed. And the dried fuits such as penauts, Pevides- dried pumpkin seeds or the lupini beans.

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